All About The Working Of A Fan

A ceiling fan is designed to feel more comfortable and saving energy bills. If there’s a fantastic ceiling fan in the room, an individual will probably not require any costly air-conditioning unit.

Ceiling fans can do a lot more you can think. Not only do these appliances trendy rooms but an elegant design can change the entire ambiance of the room. It’s a mechanical appliance that’s electrically powered and is suspended from room’s ceiling to circulate air all around the area by rotating the blades or paddles.

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However, this much info enough to make one know about the way that it brings so much comfort to someone’s life? Choosing to purchase ceiling fan online and using it isn’t enough. An individual has to know how it actually works.

What are the Parts of A Ceiling Fan?

The main part is the capacitor, the blades or the paddles, flywheel, metal arms, electrical motor, switch housing and the engine casing or the encasement. Some other electrical components are also involved besides these basic parts that permit the fan to perform its magic.

An electric motor is a part of the fan, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The ceiling fan capacitor is needed by the engine to get enough torque to operate. The paddles are usually made from wood, aluminum, plastic, or plywood.