Different Types of Keying and Padlocks

What are the Different Keying Options and Styles Padlocks Can Have?

Looking to buy a padlock? Before purchasing any padlock it will be important to fully understand all the features a padlock can have and accordingly select the right one. As such, we will be looking at different keying options padlocks can have and styles they are available in so that you can make the right choice.

What are the different keying options Albus padlocks have?

Abus padlocksThere is a range of options for you to select from in terms of keying available for a particular padlock. Let us check the details here.

• Keyed Alike 
• Keyed Differently
• Rekeyable
• Interchangeable Core
• Non Removable Padlock Key
• Keyed Alike: In these locks it is possible to open each and every lock in a group of padlocks using any of the keys. This is due to the fact that all the keys and the padlocks have exact configuration.
• Keyed Differently: Here all the locks have different keys which can be used for opening a single lock and cannot be used for any other lock.
• Rekeyable: In these Albus padlocks it is possible to remove the cylinder for adding a new cylinder in place of older one or for changing the pinning. Such locks can be used for restoring security in case keys get stolen or lost.
• Interchangeable Core: Good thing about these padlocks is that you do not have to disassemble them for removing the cylinder. Here control key actuates retaining mechanism of interchangeable core so that cylinder can be removed and replaced.
• Non Removable Padlock Key: As the name suggests, you cannot remove the key from padlock even when padlock is open. This way you reduce the risk of losing the key.

Are there different padlock styles to choose from?

Abus padlocks are available in different styles for you to choose from such as:

• Breakaway Shackle Padlocks: These have a scored shackle which breaks if it is struck by any heavy object like a hammer. 
This type of padlocks is useful for applications where it may become necessary to quickly remove the lock in case of an emergency such as for fire hoses or shut off valves present in sprinkler hoses.
• Shielded/Shrouded Padlocks: Here the padlock consists of a metal guard which surrounds and protects shackle from both sides. 
This way only shackle's top part remains exposed. The benefit of such shielded padlocks is that it becomes quite difficult to cut it using a bolt cutter.
• Single Post Shackle Padlocks: In these Abus padlocks, there is a single post instead of the usual shackle which is U-shaped. These find their use where shackle needs to be less accessible like on utility valves, vending machines, meters, etc.

The Bottom Line

From above details it is quite clear that there are a number of choices available when it comes to selection of padlocks. As such, you will have to analyze your needs and select a padlock which will be most appropriate for you.