Gate Valves – Some Most Important Varieties

A gate valve is a device that is fixed on the pipe. It includes a round handle on the thick part of the pipe. This valve is very important because it helps to control the flow of fluid. It was a good help to stop or start the linear flow of water or other types of liquids.

It is usually seen on the pipe in commercial buildings, factories and even homes. Gate Valve is used for a wide variety of liquids and semi-liquids like quite efficient in its sealing properties.

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Flexible wedge valve: These valves include a one-piece and a twin-piece disc to change the angle between the seats. One of the flexible wedge valves most commonly used is the parallel valves used in the valve stem. This valve can expand and contract as it has the ability to withstand the climatic conditions vary.

Solid wedge valves: Gate valve with solid wedge can be used for all kinds of liquids. With solid construction in a single piece, wedge valve is widely used.

Wedge valve divisions: These wedges are used mostly for corrosive liquids and non-condensing gases. This wedge type including two pieces are positioned between the tapered seat in the valve body.


Gate valves are also classified according to the type of rod. Stem is a device that connects the disk and the valve hand wheels. According to the valve stem is classified as follows:

Rising valve stem and non-rising stem valve

Rose stem valve: Special rod valve includes threaded shaft that can be rotated using a hand wheel. 

Non-rising stem valve: Another type of valve stems include non-rising stem valve in which the stem remain silent. There is no upward movement even when the valve is opened.