How To Make Shabu Shabu

If you’re going to create the Japanese dish of shabu shabu properly, firstly you’ll need a nice slice of beef (or other meat). No matter what your budget is able to afford.

This hot pot is comparable to sukiyaki however, the Meat for shabu shabu is cut thinner compared to sukiyaki. The fish or meat (not necessarily beef) and veggies are cooked at a Japanese fashion skillet. When buying the meat that is chosen, ask the butcher to slice it paper-thin.

Diners swish a piece of beef from the boiling broth named dashi. The title – shabu shabu- arrived from this swishing activity. It only has to be cooked for several seconds. But raw!

To learn to cook the dish in a professional way, you can also join Shabu Shabu Course(also known as “หลักสูตรชาบูชาบู“ in the Thai language.)

Traditional components – they can and do fluctuate. 

1/2 pounds.

1/4 pounds. Negi, diagonally and thinly chopped

1 pound.

1 block cotton tofu, cut to bite-size pieces

1/4 pounds.

Traditionally the”chef” could fill a large skillet. Add seasoning into the water for 30 minutes then remove the seasoning. Subsequently, the components will be put out on a huge plate or tray. When prepared set the skittle, veggies and selected sauces (soy ) on the desk. Occasionally an egg perhaps served (parboiled) as a side dish for dipping.

Before the water boils you need to get rid of the kelp. For a couple of seconds swish the beef round from the hot water. Eat the meat, dipping from the sauce/egg or other condiments. Skim off some”pieces” that rises to the surface since you replicate eating and cooking beef. Add other ingredients from the skillet and simmer for a couple of minutes. Eat them chopped in the sauce too.