Do Ozone Generators Kill Mold?

Mold is a fungus that has been around for thousands of years. Unfortunately, it still plagues us today. While it can be useful in food and other things, it can also be harmful to us if it grows in our home. There are only a few species of the thousands that are toxic to humans, but some of these can become household mold.

Using special tools, you can get it removed from your home. It’s an important thing to do, considering health concerns may be an issue whenever you’re surrounded by mold. Luckily, ozone generators are a great tool to keep the mold from spreading.

Damage Control 911 has lots of resources on what to do with mold infestations. While it won’t get rid of the mold completely by itself, ozone generators are very helpful in mold remediation. Many mold services actually use ozone generators after they’ve removed the mold on the surfaces they’re cleaning.

Whenever they get rid of the mold from wherever they’re cleaning, the mold spores will still exist in the air. If they attach to another surface, the mold can grow all over again. Using an ozone generator, the mold remediation professionals will be able to get rid of those still-existing mold spores, too. If they didn’t use an ozone generator, the mold could spread all over again.

Carpet Cleaning After Water Damage

Carpet is a wonderful choice when it comes to flooring and interior design. There are so many combinations and colors that you can get it to match any wall or ceiling. They’re comfortable and warm to walk on and you can even lay on it.

It’s an exciting piece of your home and it can be great for the whole family. However, carpets are one of the easiest floorings to stain or ruin. Considering there is padding beneath most carpeting, if liquid or moisture gets to it, it can be difficult to clean. Water damage means possibilities of mold and disgusting smells.

Damage Control 911 of Orlando lets us know that the carpet can be saved, though. At least, it can be if it isn’t “black” water. This is water that has been contaminated by flooding or sewage. If the water is simply from a leaky roof or pipe, it can be dried and saved. It must be done as soon as possible, though.

Mold growth can be dangerous as well, considering that it can cause health problems and spread through the entire home if not contained. Drying it out is optimal, but this could mean lifting up the carpet to get to the padding and baseboards beneath. It all must be sanitized when it comes to water damage.